Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nicely put Teemu

I am really enjoying the contributions Teemu Leinonen is making to the edu speak, he's a lone voice in my bloglines, feeding in from non English speaking Europe... wish I had more, wish I could read other languages..

Not only has Teemu's MobilEd project rocked me, but his philosophical statements ring bells for me too. Being Finish, English is not his first language, but I doubt that that's what makes Teemu's insights unique - its his principles of free and open exchanges, free and open learning, and the bold way he articulates those principles... its just so.. nothing like what I commonly hear from my piers. And now this response to the concerns some teachers have about sources like Wikipedia not being reliable:
As a conclusion, Wikipedia is not really there for educators, news papers or fact seekers to refer as a truth. Wikipedia is not really about teaching facts. ItÂ’s about conversations. A wiki page is inviting for a change. ItÂ’s never ready, itÂ’s never a truth. It has a discussion section for seeking a common ground. Wikipedia is our greatest gift to education, because it makes us understand that facts are constantly shifting based on open conversations.
I really hope I can find the money to fly Teemu and others to Dunedin for the TALO Swap Meet and tour to EFest.. Just having these people in the same physical place for a small amount of time is sure to spark some change down here in the South. Aparently it worked in Washington (para 11).

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Teemu Leinonen said...

I like the idea – it is just not my idea. I did not even write the post. Another Teemu, Teemu Arina, wrote the post to the Flosse Posse group blog. Well, the title is still correct :-)