Saturday, April 01, 2006

More on virtual world learning

GNUChris, a relatively new member to the TALO eGroup has jumped into the discussion on virtual worlds learning, and offered up some fascinating links.


I'm still getting my head around it, and the verbose and macro explanations to it aren't much help either, but hammering away at those descriptions reveals some amazing potential for furthering the concept of online learning.

Now its only thanks to Sean FitzGerald taking TALO members on a tour of Active Worlds and GNUChris pushing the links to Croquet afterwards, that the concept of virtual worlds and multi user networked environments in learning have taken any real shape and meaning for me. In the past I have been skeptical of such things and the general attempt to replicate real worlds, but since experiencing it with others who are learning about it, I see that it is not a replica at all, no comparison actually.

So, from what I can gather at this stage, Croquet is a 3D rendered, networked and multi user virtual world, that can be used as an interface to applications your own, and other's computers - or a shared operating system in a 3D interface. Being open source, Croquet can be made to do just about anything...

There's my attempt to make sense of the impenetrable explanations on the Croquet website and the Wikipedia entry. As usual, the pictures say a million words better to me, and I totally get it from them alone. Now for the doing... I'm currently downloading the client... it's massive! If from the pictures, like me you recognise a certain Sun MicroSystem concept, be sure to read the Wikipedia entry about this.

So, I'm hoping to get to try this Croquet out with others from the TALO eGroup. Can't wait for it actually. I hope you'll join us. I hope it works...

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nswtox said...

hi Leigh, shaggy here masquerading as nswtox - so are we playig Croquet for the next TALO get together?

Any more downloads of this size and the next project will have to be the: 'TALO for bandwidth starved educators' DVD :-)

Leigh Blackall said...

I dunno about it now Shaggy. After spending the last of my data limit for the month downloaing this puppy, stumbling through the install by the skin of my teetch, and finally opening it, I just sort of sat there and thought, "that's a let down.." I'm really keen on the ideas, and can see there is good people behind it, its still a bit beyond me I'm afraid.. That's not to say I'm unwilling to get taken along on this though.. I'm keen to learn more about this. But clearly its still in a conceptual phase and far from user friendly.