Monday, April 24, 2006

The edu poet in our midst - E is not for Eccie: Alex read aloud at TALO Swap Meet's Pub Poetry night

I just had to copy paste a comment made by Alex Hayes in a thread he generated on ePortfolios, following Graham's exploration of the issues. Apart from the hypertext conversation we are having as being an intense example of how edublogging in Australia is really coming of age, I just want people to see how poetic Alex can be with his edublogging.

I see us all in a darkly lit pub, on cool September night for the TALO Swap Meet in Dunedin this year, smiling over drinks as a local big guy belts out Alex's words MC style just for old time's sake. It will feel great to raise a toast to Alex and Graham afterwards as we enjoy the warm after-glow of the profound performance. So read on, and picture our half pissed, burly bloke performing Alex's words, in jaggered stops and starts or spitting rage - for a large audience of raucous edubloggers... Ok, if modern day punk rock is not your cup of ... tea... then we could balance it with a lovely acoustic version as well I'm sure ;)

alexanderhayes said...

Hi Graham.

Getting good stuff online is for some ( Marc and co.) the synthesis of what they do best as educators, futurists and philosophers offline.

I'm aware that much of the online repository repetoire is as permanent as a suppository. Click - gone.

I respect their position, their enthusiasm, their professionalism and ground-breaking anecdotes but I must admit I often read through current papers and think, " what have they actioned in the edu-political persuasion arena that's making and taking educator and management newbies into the next learning ecosphere ?"

I often follow gospels for the entertainment value and more often than not I am asked to leave the congregation.

I reflect on a few years of working with students of all ages ( including adults )enabling them to get good stuff online only to discover that their attitude to such modality - content shape shifting ( of which I pushed as gospel ) befitted that of of the arcadian pursuit they first sought to flee !

Evidence, outcomes, quality assurance, professional standards, interoperability and other key facettes of their e-portfolios fell flat when they could find no way to port their wares seamlessly across the curriculum as it failed to provide the means to do so.

I was no more than the person that manifested itelf regularly for the students to vent their frustrations with / on. I was awarded a coffee cup for my birthday once that said, " dont ask me...I'm just the teacher".

How true.

Nothing has me prepared for organising the desired flash mob, ditching encyclopedias for flash sticks, pummeling overheads into paper planes but I have got a fair idea now that the 'portfolio of evidence' I sought and still seek to enhance students prospects with must not juxtapose their need to communicate. The checklists are long since buried but I sure as hell can hear their voices in the street and see them raising their kids with some snippet of my confluence jammed in their still supple cerebelums.

As Prof. David Hargreaves once coined " for all the countless millions we have spent on ICT's in the last decade it is amazing that we failed most at realising one element of the acronym - communication. "

It's a vital ingredient and I spare many a salient thought for those have trouble doing so...whether but position, fault, lack of integrity, nonchalance or plain ignorance they plunder the paypacket purse and show shit for their endeavours.

In my opinion Graham, e-portfolios dont look like anything.

I'm happy for you to call what I'm doing whatever it befits for a positive purpose and for you to ditch a few stones against Leigh and my blogging window panes.

I'm sure the resultant cacophony of sound will assist those seeking a human face to our otherwise convoluted ed. geek speak.

I liken the formative and academic pursuit of collating, uploading and aggregating my blog posts, interactive writing and mobile blog data as none other than fornicating with naive catalytic elements in a reactive soup of electronica.

E-portfolio for me is the conversation we are already having.

I have designed a hundred 'pack-n-e-go's' and none do more to action change than my zillion online spaces/places and an ever present and accountable offline one.

I've got a 180 GB e-portfolio and it aint worth jack...well.....maybe....I'll show you one day.

I call Sydney home however the tendrils and threads and hyperlinks and trackbacks place me everywhere at once and nowhere at any given time. Gets kind of confusing but thats what educators are renowned for.

How do we prepare students and educators for the shapeshifting of the emergent mobile network ? How do e-portfolios ensure a learners security when the very institutions that govern their creations make independent thinking difficult or nigh on impossible ?

Dreams of the perfect e-portfolio are, as you say a responsibility of the educator, to raise in the conciousness of the student, to foster / nurture a reasonable take on documenting teaching and learning et al. but in my opinion the implementation of such a model means we must now be ready to discard more than we dispense.

I often cite Chrishnamurti (Snr.)who asks of anyone who knows of any education setting anywhere who's core is anything but indifferent, resistant to provide for the real needs of learners, protecting self interest and upon change implementing policy and procedure to prevent it's own demise.

" Does this make any sense? " Too bloody right Graham !

When do you begin mobile blogging ?

12:04 AM

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alexanderhayes said...

Which one of these do you think I authored ?

Mobile learning otherwise known as ‘mlearning’ is learning that is complemented by the use new and emergent mobile communication technologies such as mobile phones, personal data assistants, handhelds, wearable devices or laptops.

Mlearning acknowledges social computing as a participatory, interactive and valid form of e-learning incorporating new and emergent mobile communication technologies.

Mlearning at its extreme, is the ability to receive learning anywhere, anytime and on any device; it in a sense represents a coming together of eLearning systemswith mobile – and in particular handheld – computing.

mLearning is about learning in the environment, community and workplace, and about learning
directly in the course of real world engagement and in real world time frames.

Leigh Blackall said...

You have dual personalities Alex, so I wouldn't be surprised if you authored all of these. But for me, it is your cryptic, poetic, random and open words that make perfect sense to me :)