Saturday, March 18, 2006

MobilED, much better than MIT $100 laptops

A few months ago, MIT's $100 laptops project impressed me, not so much for what it has to offer those in the "developing nations" that MIT are trying to reach, but for the inspiration and political influence such an ambition gives people in the "developed nations".

But the MobilED project looks set to totally surpass MITs efforts and impact.

Its obvious really! Delivering on the constant chatter and promises of mobile learning, MobilED has cracked it I reckon. A simple concept, made possible by free and open source software - mobilED is the use of a phone to txt message a search on a wiki and receive a call back with a robotic voice reading the results.

But MobilED is much more than that, as its very stylish videos demonstrate.

MobilED is doing everything right with this project. I am totally inspired and politically charged!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leigh,
The MobilEd project is exciting in its use of Web 2.0 tools, but I think there are even simpler ways of using mobile phones as a component of everyday learning with existing phone features and tools - like Seans suggestion of uploading videos shot with phone to a videoblog and then linking to a blog.

I agree about the lack of models, although we have a fabulous digital story about the EngageMe project, and could probably put together some nice ones about broadcasting learner generated content to mobiles, as well as the combined use of mobile phones and blogs in online learning.

I have gone quiet on promoting teaching strategies using mobile phones lately because I think the interest and the development of strategies to use the phone has to be intrinsic and self generated by the teachers. They wont get it until they take it on and employ their own craftmanship and creativity to using mobile phones, and Web 2.0 tools in teaching and learning.

Anne Paterson

Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Anne,
I think you're spot on about it needing to be intrinsic, but the MobilEd project really does it for me. Here's a scenario..

Young builder is on his way to work. Its 6 in the morning, he's in his truck, and he's thinking about this new heeble block that was delivered yesterday. He's never used the stuff before and is wondering if there's something he's missing. So he send a quick txt to the TAFE NSW wiki resources - a learning and research resource co developed by students and their teachers. Always up to date, and covering a vast range of building materials, issues and techniques. He gets a call back from his search for heeble block and the calming, feminin robotic voice reads him the intro. "Yep", he thinks, "that's the stuff, what about techniques for use?" He keys through the menu, finds the techniques section, has a little listen, something strikes him as interesting, looks up the editor, finds the editor's number, gives that person a ring, talks about heeble a bit more (from an informed perspective thanks to the wiki) and discovers a way to save $3000 today!

nswtox said...

Amazing concept students would like it.