Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A future online learning environment from New Zealand

Derek Wenmoth has posted his take on the future online learning environment. Derek says he is working with the Ministry of Education on this one, so its a relief to see someone who seems to "get it" informing a Ministry in this way. I see the LMS still features in this future, but I'm pleased to see not only is that LMS not central to online learning, but that it might be an open source one.

Perhaps I'll go a bit further into the future and stake claim in New Zealand to the idea that the LMS will dissolve from its role as a learning manager into more of a Student Management System (enrollments, assignments etc), while the learning moves more towards the original small pieces loosely joined idea, social networking software, and other communications technology such as the mobile.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see your comments here on the model I'm working on, Leigh - and thanks for the encouragement.

You note that there is still a LMS that features here - that's for two reasons;

(a) the diagram is definitely a work in progress, designed to demonstrate a pathway forward, rather than the "ultimate PLE" (if there ever will be such a thing) In the medium term, I see two key phases underpinning the way forward - the first is likely to involve a focus on interoperability and connectivity between (existing) systems, while the second will be a disaggregation of those systems into the component services which can be called upon by the PLE as it emerges (whether that be a browser interface or a separate application, is web-hosted or available on a PDA etc.)

(b) it is unlikely that we'll see a totally anarchic approach to schooling emerge in the near future, and so we'll continue to face the challenge of how we approach to managing the complexities of teaching and learning. As such, the use of and LMS is one option that is likely to be around (in some way, shape or form) for a while yet, and needs to be incorporated into plans for the OLE