Saturday, March 11, 2006

Educational IT support are becoming affirmatively ambivalent towards Free and Open Source Software

From the Academic Commons comes this pointer to a very useful report:
Inside Higher Education gives a good digest of "The State of Open Source Software," a report recently published by Rob Abel for the Alliance for Higher Education Competitiveness (A-HEC). Abel's report draws on a survey of more than 200 higher education officials responsible for software selection at a range of institutions. According to the report, two-thirds said they have “considered or are actively considering” using open source products; only about a quarter of institutions are implementing higher education-specific open source software. Inside Higher Education quotes Kenneth Green, founding director of the Campus Computing Project, as calling the mindset toward open source "“affirmative ambivalence."

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nswtox said...

Affirmative without the ambivalence would be more encouraging, but small steps are better than none.