Saturday, March 11, 2006

Borderland goes beyond the end of education

Doug from Borderland has posted another interesting reflection, this time on gods and his thoughts that go beyond Postman's End of Education.
...What this means for schooling is that problems of relevance are not technical but metaphysical. The vital question for educators is not How, but Why.... In short, I think the gods currently in ascendance will first need to fall.
This last line threw me a bit... what are the gods currently in ascendance Doug? Is it me (and others) with all our Web2 networked learning talk? Or is it even us deschoolers?

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Doug Noon said...

Thanks for your interest in this post-especially since you were the person who introduced me to Postman. It's quite likely that I wasn't clear enough about my thinking on this. I had numerous rough drafts scattered across a couple of hard drives trying to tease the significance out of this for myself. I may need to work on it a bit more.

The short answer to your question, I think, is No. I don't see the deschoolers as the 'gods in ascendance.' Maybe this is a function of our (what seems to me) very different political environments in the USA, and NZ and Australia. For me, centralized control and coercive uses of testing, justified by the god of Economic Utility represent the gods in ascendance. From what I gather, there is a more progressive trend in your corner of the world. But I'm only inferring from what I've read.

Technologies are not necessarily innocent, though because they can be employed for both destructive and liberatory purposes. So as far as all of the networked technology business is concerned, I'm seeing a powerful application of that which may be the antithesis of what you envision. My view of current conditions is dark. I think that before the deschoolers have their day there will be much confusion and conflict.

If this seems like a conversation that would bear more discussion, I'm game. I have to break away right now, though, to attend to some other business. Thanks again for the attention.