Monday, February 06, 2006

the TALO book is ready

I'm back! Did you miss me? Dunedin is a really nice place, I don't think I'd mind living there too much at all...

Sunshine and I arrived home to find our lulu self published books had arrived, and I'm happy to say the TALO - Teach and Learn Online book looks great and is ready for purchasing.

While I was in Dunedin I gave a talk on my paper about digital literacy. At the end of it a few people asked where they could find out more... I paused, thought about it, and shamelessly gave the book a plug! Almost instantly I felt bad for the blatant self promotion, so I committed all proceeds from the book sales to go towards the TALO 2006 swap/meet. So get in and buy a few copies, its for a good cause.

If you can't spare the money for a book and want to spend it on your own ink cartridges instead, or don't mind melting your eyes out by reading 200 so pages on a screen - then you can get a PDF version here.

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