Thursday, January 05, 2006

TALO Book update

Well, I've just finished editing the TALO 2005 book. All 216 pages of it. I have ordered myself a proof copy in full colour, 6.0" x 9.0", with a 100 weight full colour paper back exterior, and 80 weight white full colour interior! The proof should be in my hot little hands within 2 weeks, so it'll be available soon after that.

Worked out at US$50 which is pretty exy (The black and white version works out at about US$25), but hopefully worth it. Maybe I'll contact a couple of publishers and see if they can do it for cheaper. I don't expect many to sell from within my own little network, so am not deluded with dreams of getting rich. I did it mainly to try out Lulu, and have a print version of my year's worth of blogging to show mum :)

So far my experience with Lulu has been excellent. They have live help on standby which I used once and found it very good. Uploading and formatting was very straight forward, and although I designed the cover myself, Lulu has some pretty cool covers available to choose from. Purchasing my copy on Lulu was very easy and smooth too. Now we'll just wait and see how the print quality turns out.

Also, I used OpenOffice to create this massive document. Almost every page has an image on it, making it a pretty large file. In the end the document took quite a while to open and close, but once opened, OO handled pretty well. I found that if moving an image from one page to another, it is best to cut and paste rather than clicking and dragging. Also, it's best to save a copy of the images to a folder and insert it from there, rather than copying from the web and pasting. The auto table of contents worked great, and indexing (even though I didn't use it) was straight forward too. In the end, OpenOffice was easily up to the task :)

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Tim Lauer said...

Hi Leigh,
I really like all this publishing options with things like Lulu and Qoop... am wondering if Lulu give you the option of having a PDF copy of your book layout?

Leigh Blackall said...

yes they do Tim. I created my pdf version in OpenOffice, but Lulu is of course geared for MSOffice uses so fills the pdf gap by offering conversion on their site. Once the pdf version is there, it can be made available for download, but I figured I'd do that right here.