Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Tale of Two Fish - one of them CC one of them not!

Man! It is going to be a great year, I can just feel it. What are we, 7 days into it, and already truly great things have just been flooding through my modem.

Yiibu (Stephanie Rieger) just added me to her Flickr contacts, which of course let me know in my email, which of course lead me to check her photos out out, which lead me to find this great presentation about creative commons: A tale of 2 fish

And Yiibu's profile reads nicely too:

Hmmm... what or who is Yiibu? Yiibu is about openly licensed shareable micro-content. (i.e. little bits of stuff you're free to download share and reuse.) Everything is home-made, Creative Commons licensed, and (as a bonus,) it's formatted to carry around on a variety of devices (PlayStation Portable, iPod etc.) Everything can also be viewed in an image viewer (on a Windows/Mac/Linux computer) and online as part of a (Flickr?) set or slideshow.

Why the question mark on Flickr? This is a bit of an experiment. There's lots of user generated art and illustration on Flickr. Our stuff just happens to be a bit more "structured" than that. So we hope the folks a Flickr and Yahoo! don't object too much :-) We think user generated content has lots of room to grow and Flickr offers users great tools to share and organize photos and other content that they enjoy or care about.

Yiibu is an open content company. And if I'm a willing agent in their new age marketing strategy, I don't mind a all! Yiibu looks amazing! I want in! That's it! The rest of the day is devoted to reading about Yiibu! What a great year this is gunna be!

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