Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Strip Generator

First there was Gnomz
Then there was DFilm
Now there is Strip Generator
So many characters, so many objects, easy to make, easy to send on.

Many thanks to the Open Learner, Joseph Hart for passing this one on.

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Steven Choy said...

Hi Leigh: I also learnt this website for the same purpose. Have fun!

WHAK'd said...

You can make downloadable (JPEG)
cartoons on

Leigh Blackall said...

so much free fun out there!! Any teachers using them in theire resources yet? Any students usin them in their assignments? Bound to be...

Jude said...

good to see you are still hard at work!! strip generator looks like fun but might have some accessibility issues - required flash 8 and a little on the slow side.