Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Still choking on an Artichoke

New Zealand's controversial edublogger Artichoke has posted more wit and creative insight on the utter misguided implementations of learning management systems in the past with his post Smeckledorfed by learning management systems. I'm really enjoying reading Art. And I'm happy to see I've made it onto Art's EduBlogs that Challenge list :) But who is this Artichoke person?

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Graham Wegner said...

I'm developing a taste for the Artichoke even if I'm not usually a big fan of exotic vegies. His identity is the one thing that worries me considering most of us edubloggers are willing to be upfront with who we are. Maybe he's in the Ministry of Education in NZ and doesn't want to exposed as an alternative thinker. He hits the mark beautifully so often and is truly a reflective blogger - I wonder what some of the North Americans make of him?

Leigh Blackall said...

They identity is a mystery, but I suspect he is a she!

Graham Wegner said...

Trust my sexist subconscious to catch me out.