Thursday, January 05, 2006


Thanks to Wytze I now have a calendar on my blog that is published via RSS! If you need a web based calendar, this one is pretty tip top! If you need to know what I'm doing on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, then you can subscribe to my calendar feed... now, who needs to know?

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Wytze Koopal said...

Thanks Leigh for crediting me. Quite a busy schedule you have :-).
I'm also quite happy with RSSCalender. I will fiddle around with it in the coming weeks.
All these new (web 2.0?) tools make me wonder more and more: why should we bother as in institution to provide MS Exchange for all of our students?
The (mostly free) tools are already out there: Bloglines, RSSCalender, Writebook, Netvibes,, Flickr (or should I say Bubbleshare), Ourmedia, Gmail, 43Things etc

Leigh Blackall said...

indeed Wytze! indeed!

Jude said...

This calender is awesome, Lesley and I have been looking for something like this for I think it will also be a great tool for class blogs and student blogs. why word verification, have you got spammed?

Leigh Blackall said...

no spam yet. What's this about word verification? I you talking about my comments setting? I've been meaning to turn that off actually. Doing now.