Sunday, January 29, 2006

Plunkers evaluates Nuvvo

Jason Plunkett, yet another valuable edu blogger from South Australia has done a much needed preliminary evaluation of Nuvvo - an exciting new approach and web based learning management system. Jason's a self confessed Moodle man, and it shows a bit in his evaluation. Dave Witter from Nuvvo has come in with comments thanking Jason fro the feedback, and the over all post has evolved into some insightful discussion on Nuvvo's development future.

Dave points out Nuvvo's belief in the philosophy of less is more, which is something I like very much about Nuvvo. It is very simple! From what I can see from it, I would be interested in using Nuvvo to manage enrollment and centralise course communications and stuff. With that taken care of, it'd be small pieces of blogs, wikis, RSS, tagging and networked bookmarks etc all used in different ways custom make the feature rich online course I needed.

I have been eagerly awaiting the course I have enrolled in, to test out Nuvvo from a student perspective - (note: there are heaps of free courses stacking up on Nuvvo!) . For my style of online learning, networked learning, Nuvvo looks very promising. So I hope it holds onto its simplicity and sticks to what it is offering to do best and leave the features of blogs, wikis, forums, and all the other stuff to the other web app providers that do it best.

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