Friday, January 13, 2006

On my way to NZ, and I've come across edublogger Derek Wenmoth.

Have received confirmation that I will be meeting with a Polytechnic in NZ to discuss work prospects in that fine land. Over the past month or so I have been keeping an eye out for New Zealand edubloggers to inform me better before I go. Recently I gave a talk at the Centre for Learning Innovation in Strathfield NSW Australia on Web 2 and networked learning ideas (a detailed post is coming), and I was passed a link to Derek Wenmoth's blog. Derek is the Director of eLearning CORE Education Ltd Christchurch, NZ making him one of the only edubloggers I know of who also happens to be the director of something. Derek's articles are giving me quite a bit of insight into birds eye view of the political and cultural climate in which online learning is growing in New Zealand, and I think we may see eye to eye on a few of the on the ground issues such developments face - not just in NZ, such as:
...While the anecdotal and small amount of research evidence available would indicate these initiatives [online strategies] have proven to be successful, the policy environment within which they operate (and the resourcing mechanisms that stem from that) continues to be based on notions of physical attendance at a physical school from which you receive all of your instruction.

NZ should take careful note of what Swanson and others are saying from these overseas experiences and put some serious effort into developing robust policies that are consistent with learning in a "learner-centred, digitally-minded" paradigm.

I'm off to read some more...

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