Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Important message from OurMedia

Important message from OurMedia:

Ourmedia now has 67,000 members and grand plans for the new year. One
of our biggest initiatives is the launch of a Digital Learning Center
-- a collaborative, community-driven project linking all levels of
users to people who are knowledgeable about creating grassroots media.

But we need your help!

You've indicated in the past that you'd like to participate in
creating this democratic educational resource. We believe this will
be a major contribution to the grassroots media movement.

So, please volunteer and contribue your expertise, suggestions and
links as we highlight best practices in citizens media. We're looking
for volunteers to help oversee, or contribute to, the following

- Videoblogging
- Podcasting
- Digital storytelling
- Digital photography
- Blogging
- Citizen journalism
- Personal media
- The law and grassroots media
- several other topics

We plan to redesign and build out our landing page for the Learning
Center, located here:

Most of the efforts in creating the center will take place in a
collaborative wiki; we'll send you an invitation in a few minutes. We
can also create a mailing list if members would find that useful.

We intend for all contributions to this project to be shared under a
Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, and we expect other sites
(such as Wikipedia) to reproduce or incorporate various elements of
the Learning Center.

All we need now is your participation. Please let us know what areas
would be of most interest to you.

It might be helpful to get together as a group to discuss next steps
and to answer all of your questions. Would you be able to participate
in an online chat or a conference call this Friday at 1 pm ET/ 10 am

We look forward to co-creating a great web resource with you. You'll
see on the wiki who else is participating (15-20 people so far). We
know you're all very busy, so we hope you can fit us into your
schedule as time permits.

Thanks very much, and please don't hesitate to ask questions.


Jennifer Myronuk
Managing editor

JD Lasica
Project director


Wara said...

Crickey, that's one for the brag book - what an interesting project. Well done and good luck with this Leigh.

Bill Kerr said...

Thanks for putting me onto this Leigh

I've blogged and joined