Monday, January 16, 2006

Google Translate now straight out of this blog

I while back I noticed Eide NeuroLearning Blog using some fancy code at the bottom of each of their blog posts offering links to see a post in a range of languages. I emailed the good doctors asking for a copy of their code, the next day I had it. Now I have that tricky feature as well, but not in the languages I would prefer to be offering. Personally I'd rather Chinese Simplified, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, and French - just to name 6. At the moment I'm just testing it. I need to tweak it, fix the spacing, make sure it reliably works etc. frankly I wouldn't know where to start! But I like the idea.

I have to write back the the good doctors and ask them for the attribution for this code. Perhaps the original author could help me..


Jo Kay said...

Interesting! I've been thinking about translation tools for my blog a bit lately too.

We've had a number of international vistors @ my workplace, and it'd be great to be able to network with them via blogs easily. And, what with your very valid points about sharing info/resources with those Brazillian open-source heros, I'm even more convinced! Portuguese anyone?

A little while back I found some interesting info @ Digital Inspiration. But I've been too lazy/sidetracked by other stuff to figure out how good these translation tools are. So, I'll be interested to hear about the results of your translation experiments! ;-)

Thanks for an always inspiring read, Leigh!

alexanderhayes said...

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