Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Free, easy, web based LMS!

2006 may see me endorsing an LMS!

Sean FitzGerald just posted the the TALO eGroup his thoughts on the free, web based learning management system - Nuvvo.

I just had a look around it, watched the screencast, and enrolled in a free course on Suburban Permaculture being offered by the 'Neshura Institute'. The course starts in February, and I'll be using it to hopefully learn a bit more about permaculture, as well as sus out this new learning management system.

Off the bat I feel a bit funny about it though. I feel like I'm returning to school or something, disempowered, on someone else's agenda... but realising that the education sector isn't likely to change much in the next 100 years, I suppose I better pop my head into classroom from time to time, and it may as well be one that comes close to my criteria.

  1. Free: Nuvvo will always be free, courses defualt to free, but the LMS has a ecommerce engine to handle paid for courses as well.
  2. Easy: Certainly the easiest LMS I have ever laid eyes on
  3. Web based: No need to install a thing! No need to talk to IT non support (unless they censor it of course), Ajax powered interface niceness

But 2006 will see me adding another criteria - Mobile.

Given that blogger, wikispaces, flickr, bloglines and delicious all work like a charm on the PDA I have on loan at the moment, will Nuvvo work on it? So far not very well. I have emailed Nuvvo support to point this out, as it should be an easy fix for them (its only the horizontal menu that gets all chomped up). So if it works on a PDA, then it gets the tick for mobile.

Once I do the permaculture course, I'll let you know what I think about it for teaching and learning online.

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