Thursday, January 26, 2006

Beyond the Blog. Alan Levine and Brian Lamb presentation to EduCause

A new style in Flickr presentations, Brian Lamb and Alan Levine join up as Looking for a Fish Taco, to give us: Beyond the Blog: Ready for Prime Time

Great slides, informative descriptions, all Creative Commons, non commercial, share alike.

Thanks guys...

Creative Commons Licence

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons (Attribution) license.


Brian said...

Thanks Leigh, as we mention on the first slide, Networked Learning was our inspiration. But I need to point out a couple things.

a) We're not done yet! We still have images to add, and the descriptions, links and navigation need a lot of work. And we haven't even started the audio.

b) Just for the record, it was Alan who did those snazzy Sci-Fi book covers.

We'll definitely be blogging the presentation when it's ready, hopefully in a few days (we present it next Monday).

Leigh Blackall said...

woops, sorry guys. I thought it as ready! Well, it'll be good to watch its process at least. Its looking great.

Alan said...

Ouch, Leigh, ahead of the curve again! Brian and I had a good laugh via ichat last night.

I think it is perfect that you discovered our presentation content before it is done (it is still not done). It is very fitting of the topic of being a part of this network, and that the emphasis is not on final appearances and format.

But just for fun, we create a front end disclaimer poster just for you:

Leigh Blackall said...

crack me up! I'm loving the humour you're bringing to all this. And I agree, the network connectivism brings emphasis on process and collaboration, not finish and competition