Saturday, January 07, 2006

Adopt and Adapt

Marc Prensky is back in my good books for this article:

But new technology still faces a great deal of resistance. Today, even in many schools with computers, Luddite administrators (and even Luddite technology administrators) lock down the machines, refusing to allow students to access email. Many also block instant messaging, cell phones, cell phone cameras, unfiltered Internet access, Wikipedia, and other potentially highly effective educational tools and technologies, to our kids' tremendous frustration. Even where technology has not been blocked, much of the digitized educational materials and records are just examples of using computers to collect old stuff (such as data or lesson plans) in old ways (by filing). There are some educational benefits, though, including allowing teachers to access data more easily and parents to do so more extensively.

Thanks Rose and Judy for the pointer.

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Bill Kerr said...

Mark Prensky is visiting Australia to present. I just posted a blog entry about this after reading your post

The Game Making education cluster of which I am a member is negotiating with him to present in Melbourne as well.

Leigh, Let us know if you want more details - you might know people who want to organise something for NSW as well