Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Teach and Learn Online in a book

Someone in my news reader made notice to Lulu, a place where you can upload a book, ready for binding and sending on a per order basis, sending you 80% of the takings and keeping 20% for their service! They have an option of size, hard cover or paper back, DVDs and CDs and a pretty easy to use interface.

obviously this is great for so many things... text book publishing, pop and that life story he made a few years ago, mum and her photo albums, me and my various teach and learn online productions...

Hey! what a great idea! I could go through my year old blog and pick out the good bits, including screencasts (I knew that PDF approach would pay off), comic strips and pdfs, photos, and compile them into the 2005 edition of Teach and Learn Online fit for the coffee table, staff room sitting area, old school boss' desk... I can't imagine how all this work will look in a bound and designed book! Different to the screen I'm certain.

So I'm hard at work compiling such a distro, ready for (hard or paper back? - why not both!) and for you, my faithful, supportive readers to order a copy and keep me fed for 2006! Start saving those pennies, I hope to have it up and ready for the new year.

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Unsaid said...

Yay for you! I just found lulu.com myself and I'm in the process of printing a collection of my poetry! Just wanted to say hey to a fellow, future self-publisher!