Friday, December 23, 2005

Project ideas for 2006

Sean FitzGerald recently posted to the TALO eGroup an announcement from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework that hints at the direction for funding projects in 2006.

I responded with my ideas for projects in 2006 and asked for assistance in getting those ideas to meet the directions of both the AFLF and a training organisation here in Australia who will support applications like these. I haven't asked the Institute I work with yet, was going to stew on these ideas for a while:

  1. Toolboxes meet web 2.0 - creative commons, wikibook, feedbooks as Toolboxes.
  2. Networked Learning - a model for New Practices
  3. Pay it Forward Learning - a model for New Practices
  4. Open Courseware - a model New Pratices
  5. Digital network literacy - improving skills in networked teaching and learning, Learnscope
Was thinking that given Learnscope funding never seems to go very far, might be better to apply separately for separate literacies - one for using wikis, another for using RSS, and another for using tags...

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