Thursday, December 29, 2005

An Introduction to Connective Knowledge: Stephen Downes

a. Types of Knowledge
b. Interpretation
c. Emergence
d. Physicality
e. Salience and Inference
f. Associationism
g. Distribution
h. Meaning
i. Shared Meaning
j. Organization
k. Social Knowledge
l. Power Laws and Inequalities
m. Knowledge
n. Public Knowledge
o. Knowing
p. Structure and Process
q. Reliable Networks
r. Network Structure
s. Truth
t. Knowing Networks
u. Remnants

What an article, all 21 of them! Downes does it again. I thought he was gunna run out of alphabetical markers for the sections in this post. An Introduction to Connective Knowledge has to be the most satisfactory explanation of the concept of connectivism I have come across yet. Have to agree with George, that Stephen's posting time has perhaps caused it to slip under the radar a bit, but it will surely pop up in 2006. Its a long read, and I really hope Stephen puts out an audio version for remixing some day. I find myself devoting less and less time to large reads, preferring comics and audio if possible.

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