Friday, December 16, 2005

Gee I love Tasmania

Sunshine and I just arrived home from Tasmania. We spent 10 days walking, shopping, climbing, moblogging and talking at TasLearnscope05.

If you haven't already, you can get the picture at my flickr account, and our moblog.

Highlights for me where climbing in Freycinet, walking up the Acropolis, shopping in Hobart, and a delayed flight home that had to circle 5 times right over the Blue Mountains on sunset!

I can't rave long enough about Tasmania. It has such intense history, amazing wilderness (getting logged faster than you can say World Heritage), fantastic people (even the ones in utes with bumper stickers reading "fertilise the bush, doze in a greeny" are... thought provoking).

But this blog is about teaching and learning... if anyone hears of a job going down south though, please let me know.

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Ed Meers said...

Looks beautiful where you are... with your praise of warmth I gather you wouldn't want to come here to Canada then - it's freezing right now at a blamy -17c AND THAT'S JUST ABOVE NORMAL! It amazes me how people lived and settled in such extremes as the Aussie outback or Canada!

Leigh Blackall said...

incredible you mention it! I was thinking last week, as a canadian was telling me how people your way have to plug in their cars to stop them freezing over in the garage!! Strange that outback Australia might be perceived as extreme as that! Perhaps it is... thanks for the comment real-e, you keep a very interesting blog.

Stephen Downes said...

I feel the same way about Tasmania you do and it's very high on my list to return there again (I'm thinking September, when I may be in the neighbourhood). Tasmania is special.

Stephen Downes said...

p.s. My Tassie photos:

Leigh Blackall said...

Great Stephen, I hope you do come out again! I'll let Jenifer know. She was telling me about your photos, and appreciation for the somewhat gothic side of Tasmania. She described this pic of yours especially: