Friday, December 30, 2005

Free and Open Source Software does more than save your school money

A great article from a small school in the USA using Free and Open Source Software.

Total Open Source Savings for Setup - $92,675.20
Ten Year Savings - $338,667.00

The reality of these figures for Noxon Schools is that if we had Microsoft products only we would not have185 computers we would have 50 because that is all we could sustain. That is the big difference for us.

Thanks Rob for the point.

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Michael said...

Unreal! The article is quite thorough too (in that it doesn't just compare, say, Windows vs. Linux servers, but has a number of different options).

And it's (apparently) from a real school administrator, rather than some funded research... although, that being said, I'm sure Microsoft can easily find school staff who'll say that MS is the cheaper option for them...