Thursday, December 29, 2005

The DJ/VJ in the class

Imagine a teacher as a DJ, keeping a class kicking like a dance floor - alive and inspired. David did, and what a fantastic idea! Of course, we'd have to wait for those long sox with shorts type teachers to go away for a while, but imagine it! With a plethora of media sourced from OurMedia, our teacher/s mix tunes, speaches, video and photos in an audio visual rave party in the classroom! Why the hell not? Some of the students give it a belt too... I'd like to take up the challenge. The next presentation I'm asked to give, will be with the lights down, smoke, strobe, tunes and VJs, and even a mirror ball! Great idea Dave! I'm inspired.

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Adski said...

You're inspired?? That's an understatement. Your natural state is inspired, so this must make you uber-inspired.

In other news, a cool multimedia adventure game from the past has been ressurected with a few new twists. Check out Samorost2

Sean said...

And you can mix it all live using a StikAx.