Friday, December 30, 2005

Choking on an Artichoke

I've been keeping a special eye out for anything New Zealand since receiving a letter confirming a job interview in Dunedin later in January. My trusty news reader came to the party this morning with a post by Alan pointing to Auckland based Artichoke.

Once I'd fallen into step with Art's off beat writing style (I can see why Alan picked it up), I began to get quite enthusiastic. The sharper edge of Art's statements nearly made me choke on the BBQ pork take away I was hurriedly eating while reading.

In particular I'm happy to find Art' is another voice not afraid to ask confronting questions about those sharable learning objects etc. However, that strange silence for any responses still prevails - seems to be the preferred strategy of present day leadership the world over.

Art', since you asked, (I dunno? did you ask?) let me point out some of the things I've had to say about learning objects, learning management systems and digital rights management etc in the past:
  1. LMS Comic
  2. More against the LMS
  3. EdNA Groups or the Open Network
  4. Digital Network Literacy
  5. Networked Learning
  6. The Post LMS Age
  7. Everything you need to teach and learn online
  8. Lawsuit forces Web 2 learning strategies
  9. ePortfolios - I don't get it?
  10. Die LMS die!

Well! If that doesn't get me on your "Edu Blogs that challenge" list Art', I dunno what will.

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