Sunday, November 06, 2005

TALO swap meet conference on Gizmo Sunday nights at 8pm

Hi All,

Alex and I just had a successful conference session in Gizmo.
What you do is get Gizmo, and dial 1222 XXX XXXX (where X is a number we agree on)

If you already have Gizmo, try the number out. If you're the first in there, you'll get a very funny recording to listen to while you wait for the next person - loads of fun.

I'm going to set Sunday night 8pm Sydney time, as a suggested regular TALO swapmeet on Gizmo. Dial 1222 TALOTLK (12228256855) to join in. I'll pop in at about 8pm tonight, but won't expect anyone to get this message before then.

I'll be watching MadMax1 and drinking a bottle of VB, so am not likely to want to pull myself away from it. But with my wireless home and laptop I can't see any reason why not. Hope to see you there!

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