Wednesday, November 02, 2005

South Western Sydney Institute now Free and Open

Gave a Networked Learning workshop at Bankstown, South Western Sydney Institute today. Went quite well I thought. Spent the first 2 hours raving on about the concept, based on the Knowledge Sharing presentation, then the next 2 hours hands on with blogs, eGroups, and Bloglines newsreaders.

Some people stayed on and created OurMedia, Flickr and accounts. Darned Institute firewall prevents uploading to OurMedia though!

Something else happened at the Institute though. First of all the computers had Audacity and Open Office on them!! I requested them for the workshop, not really to show people how to use them (not enough time) but to test the Institute's IT support to see if they'd be willing to install it. They were, and did!

Not only that, there is also an open wireless network available on the campus! Not 1 but 2! I couldn't get on, but I think it has something to do with my laptop, not the network. Does anyone see how amazing this is! A TAFE NSW Institute offering an open wireless network and willing to install free and open source software! Its a great sign of change.

Am on the road to Canberra now, to give another networked learning workshop at the Australian Institute of Sport, then on to Wollongong for the same with a bunch of design/media students.

The gospel of free and open networked learning is spreading far and wide.

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Edward said...

Hello Leigh, I didn't know you travelled to so many places, and so you should be! :-)

Amazing to hear how cooperative the IT support is in Bankstown! I'm excitted!

And a wireless connection! *blinks in amazement*

Hope to see you back at Wentworth Falls soon.