Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Precarity is a term used to refer to either intermittent work or, more generally, a confluence of intermittent work and precarious existence. In this latter sense, precarity is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare.

As the Christmas break approahes, we part time teachers and educational contractors start to feel increasingly precarious. There will be no work right through to January, and for contractors, they'll have to chew their nails through to April/May. Precarious indeed!

The latest edition of Adbusters ran a very interesting article on precarity, describing a movement I can't wait to see be born here in Australia!

Over the past couple of years, an intriguing new movement has been emerging from the chaos of Europe's new left. Abandoned by unions and corporations, forsaken by the shrinking welfare state and increasingly vulnerable to the whims of the market, people have started to organize around the concept of precarity: the condition of living without stability or even the assurance of survival.
So readers who may be not so precarious at the moment, spare a thought for us on the fringe. Open up those Google adds will ya! And leave them open while I prepare some space for you in the Precarious Squat post oil peak.

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