Thursday, November 10, 2005

The digital divide sitting right next to you. Web 2.0 dreamworld & Web 0.75 realworld

Alan Levine vented some frustration (or was it just my own frustrations being read into his observation..?) about how backward our working environments are when considering the excitement over concepts like Web 2.0. Alan reckon's his own organisation is still way back in Web 0.75.

One of my peeves is the pervasive use of email as a sole communication means. What I am referring to as almost daily, there are 4 or 5 fully formatted HTML, graphic laden emails about various events and programs in our college system, and there is no corresponding related information on our colleges' web sites. That means the only content "repository" is the inbox, which has no legacy record, no memory, no search. Our lack of a coordinated event calendaring system (beyond the clunky one to use for foisting meetings on people) means the lowest common denominator, event email spamming. A successful communication strategy ought to connect web site information, email as notification (heck, do you think RSS is on any radars around here?), and yes, sometimes even print.
I think we're all right there with you Alan. I never considered myself and what we do as being on the edge, but the more I think about it, we're just bleeding all over it. I just hope the burnt out resistance that is causing the suspended animation in some of our colleagues doesn't force Web 2.0 into a bubble.

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