Thursday, November 03, 2005

Australian Institute of Sport interested in being free and open

cool seating Spent the day at the Australian Institute of Sport today, talking with Keith Lyons and Alexis Lebedew from Performance Analysis, Science, Medicine, Education and Technology. Keith and Alexis are very switched on and interested in open networked learning. Basically we three didn't stop yakking for a full day! Keith and Alexis were interested in ideas on how they can move towards open networked learning without compromising the current ICT policies and infrastructure at the Institute. We had lots of ideas really and I hope this day is the first of many to come.

While there I got to see some of the gear they have to play with at AIS, and as you'd expect there was some you-beaut stuff. Check out this 3d projector they had in the back room!

3d projectors

And how about this 60 inch monitor that Alexis is sitting with

Ignoring the tech wiz bang, I think there are a lot of similarities between the Institute and some of the tertiary colleges such as TAFE. The Institute coaches I met for example seem to have a similar outlook as TAFE teachers - pragmatic, face to face, no bull type of people. I think there could possibly be a beneficial relationship struck between the Institute's Education and Technology arm and the VET sector actually.

I wonder if Keith and Alexis were to mix with the VET innovations projects, they might see opportunities to collaborate on projects that in some way benefit their work. They might find opportunities to rationalise their more innovative work with social bottom line outcomes like sustainable community engagement etc - beyond the outcomes of "medals" and elitism. a VET partner would obviously benefit by gaining access to some of the amazing technology being used at AIS. Perhaps if this cross semination did occur, possibilities might be uncovered for broader applications and stronger value added outcomes for both sectors...

Anyway, it was a very interesting day.

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