Thursday, November 10, 2005

Audio lesson from Botts on using search engines

Craig Botts from Western Australia recently uploaded a tight little 1 meg file that neatly explains the importance using a range of search engines to find information, and includes a couple of strategies on how to improve results. Craig's search engines part 1 does a good job explaining the topic for all listeners with just about any level of experience. What's more he gets it down in 1 meg or 8 minutes! Quite handy for schoolies.

I reckon Part 2 would do well looking at tagging, and searches based on social software enabled recommendations, ala

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botts said...

if you happen to get to the mp3 via my website then you'll also find a text version of the talk, and i've also added a higher bit rate version to the collection that streams quite nicely out of the ourmedia collection.