Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Word from within an EdNA group

An exciting project for Australian education being born from within an EdNA group at the moment! (I think you can take a peak as a guest, but to join the discussion you have to join EdNA :( better off taking it directly to Craig's blog!

Craig Bottomley - "a 30 something educator in the vet sector in regional western australia" has sparked some interest in the Mobile Learning Forum on mapping Australian Training Competencies to new technology cultures like moblogging and LAN gaming. So far Craig has mapped IT training competencies to Moblogging only, but the level of interest in the forum tells me this could go big. Craig has documented his mapping process (links to .doc and .xls files in his post) that should serve to help others thinking to do the same.

I have suggested in the forum that this mapping be done in a wiki like wikiversity, but get the feeling that Craig is not too familiar with wikis. If this type of teacher activism takes off though, a wiki would be the only place suitable enough to allow open collaboration on the process.

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Jo McLeay said...

Thanks, Leigh, for your contribution to the directory. To make things simple I have made public the new password (what a silly idea that is, having a password on a wiki!) The new password is