Sunday, October 02, 2005

More on VOIP: Get Gizmo!!

Sean and I tried out Gizmo again last week. They've just introduced instant messaging, making it easily the most feature rich voice over IP application out there.
  • Easy peezy recorded conversations to .wav format.
  • Free conference calls.
  • Free voice mail to your email!
  • Open Standard enables interoperability with other open standard VOIP aps.
  • Paid for call out and in to land and mobile phones.
  • Works with Google Maps!!
  • Bandwidth monitor
  • Win, Mac, Linux

Click this image to see a full diagram of all the features:

So, while I still say get them all, Gizmo rates easily as the most useful VOIP app for educational purposes.

Now, hopefully you're convinced enough to get it so we can interview each other, and start building an aural record of our work.

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