Monday, October 24, 2005

Librarians Rock!

How many of us have considered how truly amazing librarians are? In all my experience with education from K to know, I remember them as always being keen to help, always knowing their stuff, and always being the first to play with and integrate technology into their services. When you think about it, they were the first to use computers, Internet, digital repositories... talk about quiet achievers, and from people who should have felt the most threatened by technologies in the past 10 years!

I have a few librarians within my field of reference, but haven't been seeing Lynette Reville, a librarian in Australia before! Lynette introduced herself to me via email, and by mentioning me on her blog (yes I watch out for such mentions), and I'm really glad to have someone like Lynette, a veteran Blogger, ideas girl, prolific linker, say nice things about my blog.

So if you're a librarian and haven't been watching One New Thing, I recommend it.

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roseg said...

Yes - can't imagine a world without librarians, from the lovely helpful ones in childhood to the extremely brave and intelligent ones who helped Michael Moore get Stupid White Men published/distributed. But did you realise that librarians are also not to be messed with?.. :-)

botts said...

hey a past incarnation i was a librarian...we were referred to as teacher/librarians and yes we were very important people. but if you wanna be really blown away, check out the latest couple of postings from the shifted librarian...blogs wikis technorati tags its all there...