Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Think free - thin client, application web servers!

Another web application here, but this one's a ripper!

Martin Whatman from the TALO eGroup alerted me to ThinkFree, and it looks pretty good!

ThinkFree® is the leader in next-generation productivity solutions for platform independent, anytime, anywhere-computing. ThinkFree usability extends beyond PCs and is perfect for Internet-connected devices, including thin client and mobile computing platforms.

The award-winning ThinkFree Office is a Microsoft® Office compatible application suite comprised of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics software-all usable online and off.

ThinkFree Office is automatically installed and upgraded over the Web and features integrated, Internet-based file sharing and storage as well as end-to-end security. Built for cross-platform functionality, ThinkFree Office is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux systems.

You get all that? I've tried it out, and while the Java application takes a while to load, once there it's a fully featured office suite!! The thin client world is almost here!!

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Anonymous said...

This is pretty amazing, possiblities.....

Leigh Blackall said...

Does it work on your PDA Jude?