Wednesday, September 28, 2005

North South East and West

Recently Stephen 'pondered' (vented) on the qualities of management - to which I originally intended to add my voice, but instead was caught by a comment under Stephen's post by Yaozhou, a Chinese based edublogger. I'll hold off on my comments about management for another post, because my experience with Yao Zhou's blog is more important than the never ending trial of management.

Yao Zhou warned in his comment to Stephen after dropping the link to his blog: "(mostly chinese character)", but I wasn't at all put off by that, in fact I was keen to see Yoa Zhou's blog after reading his comment. Thanks to Google's beta version of translation from Chinese (simplified) to English I was able to grasp quite a bit about Yoa Zhou's blog, in particular his/her passion for open dialogue and education:

unexpectedly meets by chance in here, has the reason has the reason.
Broadcasts the guest educates the movement The civilized conflict performs in Iraq, this is humanity's tragedy. East and West civilized need more exchanges, between north and south also need more exchanges. Lets PODCAST, BLOG and RSS leads us to move towards the freedom. (First like this, has point image slogan, later again will change) Podcast Education Movement Podcast, blog and rss will save human being from another clash of civilazation that humiliates every man on this planet, owing to that Failure in WhiteHouse. Let the free dissemination of intelligence to bridge the gap between East and West, South and North.

While the translation may not be crystal clear, its clear enough - in fact reading the rest of the blog is like reading a book of poetry! Only better. I'd love to give it a whirl with a screen reader!
The brief descriptions to links are very handy.

Here's a test link to Google's translation of Yoa Zhoa's blog (hope it works).

I've been thinking for a while now (reminded by Yao Zhou's blog header) that my perspective on online learning is limited to information coming from mainly western sources. When I say 'West', I mean USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NewZealand and some European's confident in writing English. I have none from South East Asia, the Pacific, or East, North, Central Asia... I do have one or two from Africa I just remembered, but they hardly ever post.

While I regret that I cannot read Chinese (can speak a bit if any Mandarin speakers wan't to try a language exchange on GoogleTalk), and even worse still I don't read or speak a language from the South East Asian regions, I do still want to know what is going on there. So if anyone knows of any feeds coming out of the region - broadly to do with online education/communications, please send'm my (and Google Translator's) way.

Last time I put the word out for Australia/NZ voices I got a pretty good response. I'm almost at saturation point with my news reader (actually I'm beyond saturated) but a few good feeds from Asia would easily see some of the less inspired feeds I have, flicked off...


Albert Ip said...


I have posted a "human"-translated version of the intro part of Yoa Zhou's blog. Hope it helps.

See my blog

Leigh Blackall said...

Thanks Albert,

It did help to confirm that I had the right idea. I was really happy with how well Google's beta version of Chinese (Simplified) to English did. Wonder why they are not doing a Trad as well? The way I understand it, the characters may be written differently, but they are used and mean the same thing right? So if they get Simple right, then Trad should be OK too...

Online Wong PoKér Hu said...

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