Friday, September 30, 2005

LAMS Developing a community

Macquarie Uni recently won a big juicy grant to be the 'official' voice for Open Source in Australia... probably stemming from their good idea to make the Learning Activity Management System open source. I reckon LAMS is a pretty interesting concept that has been done pretty well... but I reckon a lot of things about LAMS.

Anyway, just received an email from Ernie Ghiglione - the LAMS Project Manager, notifying me of the setup of a LAMS community to share ideas and resources about LAMS.

The Community features a number of separate communities based around
different educational sectors and also a LAMS learning sequences
repository where people can share sequences, rate them, comment on them,
etc.. the idea is a bit of "open source teaching"

This is good news for LAMS users.

So if you're an educational org or training provider who's still not convinced that running free and open is a good idea, then LAMS might be the better choice for systemised learning...

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