Friday, September 09, 2005

Illawara TAFE, IT section free and open...

Free and open networked learning seems to have become the flavor of the month with IT at Illawara TAFE!

Recently I've been giving a couple of talks down there for the Dapto IT Learnscope - and seem to be finding friends. Yesterday I was invited back to a meeting of Head Teachers at the Nan Tien Temple (pictured). As a result of that meeting I've added some new faces to the TALO list.


Glyn Gardner - Dean of Studies Info Tech, Arts and Media - Dapto
Terry Kofod - Senior Head Teacher Information Technology - Wollongong West
Kathy Earl - Head Teacher Info Tech - Wollongong
John Coghlan - Head Teacher Info Tech - Nowra (my home town)
Janet Carrigan - Head Teacher Info Tech Dapto
Katrina Napolitano - Teacher Info Tech Dapto

and Lisa Bale and Christine Townsend, both of whom I didn't get a card for so can't add a title.

I promised I'd send a few links from the stuff I've been showing in the talks. Here's one to chew on! - most of what was shown and mentioned in the talk is linked to from this link.

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