Sunday, September 18, 2005

Digital literacy and how it affects teaching and learning practices.

I've been asked to write a critique for an academic audience. I'm calling it Digital and network literacy and how it affects teaching and learning practices. [note: perhaps it should be the other way around come to think about it! Teaching practices and how they affect digital and network literacies.]

It should probably be a paper or something... whatever! It should be a wiki page. So it is! Click the link and see. I thought I'd put it out for open peer review while I attempt to write it. I have to try and get it drafted in the next 48 hours! As you can tell, I'm avoiding it.

Writing this way doesn't come naturally to me. Besides the effort and sense of double handling information I have already pointed to in this blog, I'm kinda hung up on a class war... Extracting all that into an accepted format for 'academic peer review' makes me quite uncomfortable. I'm already happy with my level of peer review, why do I need to now do it this way? Well there's a little bit of money there for me, there's one reason... there's the opportunity to reach readers who ignore the 'voice of the people', but what else? I'm told it will develop my writing... a chance to get my voice heared...

Well we'll see. I'm surprised a loose cannon like me has been invited into the canon so to speak. I'll try and keep a distance from their internal politics and try to suppress my personal politics. It will be interesting to see the result, if only I could motivate myself to write there and not here!

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