Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Australian education, state systems, federal nasties

It's not like me to comment on such things, I understand very little of what goes on in the lah lah land of fed and state politics, but this recent press release from Gary Hardgrave strikes me as totally fascist (no surprise I know). In talking about some states here in Australia resisting parts of the national training plan put forward by the current fed government (note there were no links provided to the plan on Gary's press release) Gary's office says:

Those who have signed have shown they are keen to have a modern training system which positively responds to the needs of clients, industry and business.

If the offer is not accepted by 7 October 2005, the Government will have no alternative but to commence development of an alternative funding model for training delivery in those jurisdictions.

Basically sign up or pack up is what he's saying!

I don't think anyone in this country is opposeded to a "modern training system which positively responds to the needs -" (cut out rot words like "clients, industry and business"... society would be good enough Gary, which would include those who don't fit your narrow view of it).

There are other things behind the fed's plan of course, like the individual agreements that will be set up (union busting).

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