Saturday, September 17, 2005

AU$695 for a blogging, wiki, and RSS workshop!!

Now I know I'm a very generous guy.
Trevor Cooke, from Jackson Wells Morris is running a workshop on blogging, wikis and rss for $695 a head!!
In that case I'd be happy to offer a workshop for $200 a head, so long as there are 10 people coming. Oh, and we'll do a hell of a lot more than just Blogging, wikis, and RSS ;)
And I came across this workshop via the EdNA feed... I haven't seen a single mention on the EdNA feeds of the workshops and presentations I run (to which attendence has been largely free - not to mention the free teach yourself resources myself and others have developed..). I'm getting the feeling that people in EdNA don't like me very much! Maybe if I put on a blue sports jacket and charged $600 a pop they'd like me more...

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Anonymous said...

There's one born every minute, problem is they tend to end up running the country. Just put the blazer on, invent a new term (extreme learning sounds good, hehehe) and walk that walk all the way to the bank.
Mind you up there in the mountains I bet you have some mean snakes you could squeeze into bottles...

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh

You might remember me, we met at the LearnScope workshop in Sydney.

Re: your blog entry from 17 September. A lot of the information that we add to EdNA is information that has been suggested by the users of the EdNA site, through the Suggest a Site, press releases sent to us, emails, Feedback forms etc.

We would be happy to consider listing your workshops in EdNA, simply send me the information/link to the information and I will pass it on to an information officer who will evaluate it for inclusion.


Kim Edgar
Senior Information Officer limited

Working together building Australia's knowledge networks

Leigh Blackall said...

Thanks Kim, I remember you.

Now that you mention it, the Teach and Learn Online (TALO) eGroup will be having their annual get together in Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia on October 21 - 22. Anyone interested in teaching and learning online is welcome to come along and its free!

More details as they unfold at the website.

Jo Fuller said...

Hi Leigh

Our leanrscope group is extremely interested in your workshop and I think one of our members has contacted you? (Peter Lake)
Since your presentation at the beginning of the year at learnscope I have been blogging away (think I am up to about 10 happening for different projects) and I have encouraged many others who are also been successful with this. I would encourage you to think about the impact you have made on very many people. All extremely positive and something that you can't put a value on. Be encouraged that you have managed to be who you are (kept your integrity) and made a difference. Would you be really happy to be any different?

Keep up the great work and I hope to have you come to do a presentation for us.

Kind Regards

Jo Fuller