Monday, August 08, 2005

South Africa!

South Africa is blowing me away! First I saw the entire curriculum of the SA in a wiki - with editing enabled! Now I see the free high school science texts being put out by the Free Software Foundation (note. Link goes to Savannah, a project of the FSF).
So far they have high school texts for physics, chemistry, mathematics, life sciences (biology) and computer literacy. All are available as a wikibook and as PDFs for printing. I loaded the maths and physics PDFs and they are very straight forward, clearly laid out, and from what I've read - easily comprehended. Indeed one of the project's stated objectives was to:
To provide a text that is easy to read and understand even for second-language English speakers
I wonder if anyone in Australia will attempt to map these texts to one of the State curriculums here, given that these texts are licensed to be freely copied,, distributed or modified? Many schools in the Northern Territory have students who speak English as a second or third language, and considering the relative size and therefore (I'd expect) flexibility of the NT education department, I reckon someone up there should/could give it a burl!

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