Thursday, July 28, 2005

Robert Woog, Robby Weatherly, Marie Jasinski talk at Austafe2005

Cool! Some brave people talking about ecology within learning and organisations now. Marie Jasinski, Robby Weatherly and Robert Woog - people I've been wanting to see for some time.

Marie kicks off with a rather nice tit bit.
Nasa's greatest achievment:

Marie - Learning ecologies as a metaphor for learning in the knowledge era. Embraces the contradictions. Rich learning environments, more than ne way to learn.
We are not afraid - I'm f**king terrified

Robby - Life based learning, extendeing from expert centred and work based learning. But its so obvious that it loses value. Elements include:

  • Who and how you know (connectivism).
  • High order thinking
  • Self motivation
  • Iterative process
  • Conversations

3 questions:

  1. What appeals (or doesn't appeal) about the concept of life long learning?
  2. Describe a positive learning experience outside work - what factors, how does it contribute to your thinking?
  3. What are some new PD development models that embrace life based learning?

About Robert Woog: "...interested in post-positivist inquiry as it relates to society and the environment and the role of ethics and aesthetics in guiding a technocentric society." (UWS)
Said, "big learning experiences were interesting, small learning experiences changed my life!"
Paradigmatic plurality... if you wanted to take control, you'll muck it up. Things take care of themselves. Wisdom, metaphoric, ecological thinking.

Join the converstion look for the forum in one month time...

This was the first time the three presented their ideas. Stephan recorded it and should have an MP3 up soon.

Generally, I think it was great to have these thoughts intersect with that horrid rationalist stuff that the day kicked of with, but I felt they simplified it down a bit too much - staying theoretical, but not offering many links or references for people like me to chase up. Here's one they should certainly add in: George Siemens Connectivity

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Marie Jasinski said...

Hi Leigh,
I saw you blogging during this session - didn't realise it was you or I would have come and said hello! Great comments and greater insights. I know the connectivity work - it's really worth exploring.
The complexity is sometimes in the simplicity. There were three key themes and you caught them all - learning ecologies, plurality of paradigms and wisdom. We could invest a whole conference on any one one of these, so you are right, it's hard to do justice in an hour. Did you pick up the paper that explored these a little more?
One of the useful things that emerged from the discussion was how we tend to devalue or dismiss the familiar - whereas if we are more mindful we can increase the potential of everyday learning. There's a lot to be said for that. Because there is always something bigger and newer and better on the horizon, I wonder if a constant quest for the new keeps us skimming the surface. Maybe the 'new new' is the familiar - 'being human' or 'humans being'. A Director joined us in conversation later on the balcony and said " I learnt it all from football" and went on the explain how his life interest in football had really influenced how he operated as a manager. It's interesting what emerges!

Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Marie,

I didn't pick up your paper, told myself to check the link when I get home. Still haven't - though your comment has remotivated me.

It was the first time I attempted live blogging, and felt it went OK. I reckon if more in the room had of, it would have been a more fulfilling exercise - perhaps collaborative notes in a wiki or something...

Anyway, you may be interested in accessing the audio recording of your presentation, along with many others that our team recorded.

I'm looking forward to seeing how life based learning gets taken up.