Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Blended Learning - Wikispace of the month!

The teacher training resource Blended Learning (being developed in a wiki) has been listed site of the month by the wikispaces crew.

Space of the Month

July 2005: Blended Learning

Our Space: "The Blended Learning space was started to pool resources and ideas for blogging workshops being run in educational organisations around the Sydney, Australia region. The scope quickly grew to collaborating and sharing ideas about blended learning in all spheres of education. The space now includes reviewed links for free educational materials; a large 'how to' section for teaching and learning online; a growing mobile learning section; some ideas for incorporating technologies into traditional classrooms; and most recently some guidelines for larger educational organisations."

Our Community: "Our contributors are Michael Nelson (michaelnelson), Leigh Blackall (leighblackall), Sean Fitzerald (seanfitz), and Judith Cooke. Our logo was recently designed by Sunshine Connelly, and a number of valuable edits have been made by mysterious anons here and there. It would be great to have more input from others in education!"

Our Experience with Wikispaces: "While searching around for a free wiki hosting solution we initially overlooked Wikispaces, but there is just nothing out there that is so simple to use! And now that we've got more control over the look-n-feel, it's definitely the best wiki-hosting solution that we've come across, both for its simplicity and its style!"

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