Thursday, June 16, 2005

Remove the Blogger Navbar

Personally, I really like the Blogger navbar that used to appear above this site, it made for some really interesting viewing. But lately, poor old blogger has been hit with a bunch of blog spam and porn, with estimates that 6 in 10 blogspot are either spam or porn.

Personally I haven't experienced anything near that bad, but the point Will Richardson makes on WebLog-Ed is not missed by me here. It is a problem if teachers that you are trying to impress with blogging happen upon a porn blog by clicking the next blog button in the nav bar. Fatal if a student does it.

So removing the nav bar is the temporary sollution to this unfortunate development for Blogger.


Sean said...

Wow! I did a quick test and 5 out of 10 returned as link spam. Things have gone downhill really fast. I wonder what implications this has for Blogger which is an otherwise useful (and widely used) tool.

Leigh Blackall said...

I think it just kills the entertainment value of the next blog button. More importantly though, how will it affect Google Search?

zack said...

here is the video..
step by step..
video tutorial..
very easy to understand with this video..