Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More on Beauty and Charm in eLearning Resources

My trusty links sending friend Adam Bramwell has sent another doozy of a Flash movie that I think is quite relevant to the ongoing posts I'm making here about beauty and charm in the design of our eLearning resources.

Coleman tents has put out this movie which is of course just a 30 second commercial produced for viral Internet marketing. But where it is relevant to us here in TALO is in its approach to the presentation of information.

As with the other posts on the subject of beauty and charm in eLearning, I'm not saying that we have to go so far as develop finished products such as these (even though a movie such as Colemans is not all that difficult for an average Flash designer with a bit of imagination), but I am saying that we need to take note of the ideas and methods that the more adventurous artists, advertisers, and designers are using. We educationalists should stay actively engaged with the cutting edge of communications design, and use the ideas and inspiration we gain from such an engagement in our own resource development work.

In this day and age, motivation to learn is a difficult thing to maintain in ourselves let alone our students. The payoffs and benefits of getting an education are less obvious then they were, education today is expensive, time consuming and down right boring, with no guarantee of a good job at the end of it either! Faced with these sever demotivating forces, we need to the will, opportunities and flexibility to try out the ideas and methods of those communications artists, advertisers and designers we are inspired by.

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