Friday, June 10, 2005

Is That A Wiki in Your Pocket!?

Qwikly is offering the ability to run wikipedia on a portable, connected device!

Step 1

Download our ready-made mobile-sized Wikipedia, Wiktionary, or Wikiquote for Pocket PC, PALM or Windows in either English, German, French, Polish, Dutch or Esperanto. Windows users should download the Pocket PC version.

Step 2

Download and install TomeRaider 3, the world's most adept electronic reader. (What is TomeRaider 3?)

Step 3

Open the file on your handheld (or in Windows) and enjoy surfing the world's largest encyclopedia at blazing speeds.

1 comment:

Sean said...

Eek! 608MB! My Palm Pilot wouldn't cope with that. The great thing about Wikipedia is that it's constantly changing. I don't like the idea of "freezing" it in time - it seems to go against the whole idea of it. And it's $7 for the priviledge. I'd have to pay $7 every time I wanted to update it. :-(