Thursday, May 26, 2005

Who here has a blog?

I recently sent an email out the the TALO eGroup asking people there to come in here and post a comment with their blog's URL. My concern is that the information I am getting through my news reader is very Northern Hemisphere, and I believe that the people downunder are more innovative. But I make that judgement based on a comparison between what I'm reading from the North and what I'm hearing in face to face conversations with people I meet here in Australia. In saying that however, I know relatively few people in Australia who keep active blogs on the topics surrounding eLearning. I know of none who are audio blogging... I guess you might ask, how then could I think that the people I'm meeting are more innovative. I guess its because although they don't keep or promote their blogs to me, I can hear it in what they say. Perhaps blogs are slowly and cautiously comming up in Australia, or perhaps people are waiting to see what happens...

Anyway, I hope to capture a few Blogs here so I can start reading more from DownUnder.


pete said...

Hi Leigh,
I enjoy reading your blog. its great stuff!
Peter A

Dorothy said...

I've got a couple of blogs going but they're not the kind people would really want to subscibe to. One is where I try out new blogging tools and ideas before showing them to my teachers. Like a personal sandpit. eg I'm constantly trying to find some easy way to upload pictures through my very secure network!
If you want to look it's:

My other blog is a bibliography I kept last year as a FLL and still add to although some of its functionality has been taken over by rediscovering Bloglines.

I've just started another blog for my learnscope planning group - I've set it up as a team blog but no one has responded yet!

Another Learnscope project I'm involved with is trying to get a blog going but I can't make it work - its at Blogsome:

and yet another tiny project i'm in is using another type of blog:

I'm a little blogged out!!!


vetNERD said...

My blogs are:
(cheesy lyrics meet innovative vet stuffs)
(olde blog from lscope project a bit ago)
(dumb blogger started by me and my boyf about our Entertainment book. Its his first blog and he's a blokey/tradey type so its been a real accomplishment)

I am about to host my own blogger and take a whole new professional direction, I'll be sure to let y'all know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh,
I am participating in a comm course which uses a blog as part of the learning process. My blog is at but I think you have to register there so I can put you on my friends list so you can see my blog. Let me know if you want to do that.
Anne Paterson

Artisan breads said...

Hi Leigh,
I have used blogs as a way of recording RTI and also lately with ITTO. I tried unsuccessfully in uploading photos with picasa.

Eleonor said...

G'day Leigh,

My blog is
It showcases my graphic design projects at work but also some everyday interests. It all started thanks to you! Ok I'll get back to work now.

Michael said...

Hey Leigh,

I've got: Design Websites which is a team blog used as part of the delivery for the Cert IV Web Design course. Also using Advanced Applications to communicate with a Cert III Software group. Then Work @ TAFE is kindof like a professional development journal - helping me learn!

Adrian Miles said...

my blog is on education, media education and videoblogs. vlog. Also is my site....

Jo said...

Hi Leigh

I have been using Bloggs to record activities of a few projects I am involved with.

The first one is about telling the story of a Learnscope Project:

The second one is about a group Learnscope project and again is more about information sharing I am presenting it the next meeting to encourage some interaction within the group.

Another is for a Reframing the Future project and I have a few people who have begun to post.

I have a few more but they still need a bit of development. I am finding them useful to keep my managers aware of the progress of the projects. Still have a bit of skill to develop.......